My Story

My name is Mitch Fisher. I'm a Nebraska-born, music-loving, college-going, goal-setting, movie-watching, God-loving creator and friend. At the beginning of 2016, my personal goal became to motivate others as the reality of going back to school and everyday life set in. I wanted to create a culture of unique individuals that strive to improve themselves and others. That is when Fog Squad and Motivation Mitch was born.

Since this moment, I've dedicated my life to creating and sharing my life in order to inspire others. A school, organization, team, and environment will thrive if the members are given the right tools and apply positive thinking. I'm all about trying to facilitate that and help others realize their passions. Every team or group I've ever been apart of, I've looked for ways I can make those around me better. All of us have people around us that need a pick-me-up. When I realized that I had the capability to be a light, I took it. I started a couple of projects including FOG Squad and Motivation Mitch.

"FOG" stands for focused, original, and goal-oriented individuals.  I wanted to create something for game-changers that lead, motivate, and spread a positive mindset wherever they are.  I began designing clothing that reflected this concept.  My friends and I also began brainstorming, and eventually, we came up with a line of shirts and hoodies that could represent this movement.  Today, Fog Squad is not only a brand but a community of connected individuals that are striving to improve themselves and others. People LOVE reppin' this merch.

Motivation Mitch was a Snapchat account I created to send motivational videos to my peers.  It took off as many people added me seeking daily inspiration. Today, I use it to provide motivation and encouragement to those who really need it.

Since starting college, I've taken on numerous other projects including speaking, "The Creatives" podcast, and creating music. This is who I am. I will always be creating and pumping positive content into the world. I want to help facilitate the thinking of minds unaffected by social expectations and societal norms. I want to help broaden perspectives and assist people in becoming who they were meant to be. Let's be problem solvers.  Let's be leaders.  Let's be difference makers.

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Mitch Fisher

Motivator and Friend