The Story

     My name is Mitch Fisher.  I'm just an average teenager with passions and goals.  At the beginning of 2016, my goal was to motivate others as the reality of going back to school and everyday life set in.  I wanted to create a culture of unique individuals that strive to improve themselves and others.  That is when Fog Squad and Motivation Mitch was born.

"FOG" stands for focused, original, and goal-oriented individuals.  I wanted to create something for game-changers that lead, motivate, and spread a positive mindset wherever they are.  I began designing clothing that reflected this concept.  Pictured above is me reppin' the merch.  My friends and I also began brainstorming, and eventually, we came up with a line of shirts and hoodies that could represent this movement.  Today, Fog Squad is not only a brand but a community of connected individuals that are striving to improve themselves and others.  People LOVE reppin' this merch.

Motivation Mitch was a Snapchat account I created to send motivational videos to my peers.  It took off as many people added me seeking daily inspiration.  Today, I use it to provide motivation and encouragement to those who really need it.

Fog Squad and Motivation Mitch combine to form a movement that is truly changing the way we interact with each other.  Fog Squad was built for individuals with a passion and drive that must be shared.  We are problem solvers.  We are leaders.  We are difference makers.  We are the Fog Squad.

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Mitch Fisher

Motivator and Friend